Trans Service - A Complete Field Service Management Solution

Trans-Service Overview

Sonar Technologies understand that technicians need a wealth of information to perform their job quickly and properly—customer history, location, directions, service agreements, inventory, schematics and more. Lack of information can result in longer service times and possibly a second service visit, which means customer downtime—and additional labor costs to your organization. Whether repairing industrial equipment on the manufacturing floor or on a farm, a copier in an office, medical equipment in a hospital or restoring service such as telephone, cable or electric, for the customer, every second counts.

Our Field Service solution Trans-Service provides you with the cutting edge technology to track and capture activities of your field workers in real-time. You are able to locate your resources and transmit work orders according to their geographical location priority and / or skill set. This reduces overtime and allocation errors. The right job to the right technician every time!

Sonar provides this capability via centrally hosted databases and communications middleware linked to remote client applications. This enables us to serve customers efficiently.

Trans-Service is a modular end to end Mobile Resource Management solution for any service related business. Because it is modular you can implement the entire solution or just the modules you need today and then add the appropriate modules as you need them.

It's features include:

  • Modular configuration tailored for customers specific needs.
  • Seamless integration with your CRM/ERP.
  • Integrated mobile resource management solution built to enhance the productivity of any service industry operation

Modular configuration

To suit your needs we can customize the software with the following modules:

  • Customer/Site/Location/Asset Management
  • Contract Management
  • Job Planning Management
  • Route Optimisation and Auto-Scheduler
  • Auto Job Generation and Real-Time Management
  • Resource and Vehicle Management - including GPS tracking
  • Visual Asset/Warehouse/Inventory management
  • Invoice/Debtor Accounting
  • Map Scheduling and Dispatch
  • Custom Reporting Module
  • Customer access to web reporting and job tracking
  • Mobile device real-time communications
  • Direct interfaces to any back end system e.g. SAP, Oracle, MYOB


    2> Scheduling & Planning
    3> Job Dispatch
    4> CRM/ERP Integration
    5> Reports

    Operation Dashboard

    With one of the fastest auto-schedulers in the industry, our system improves job visibility and scheduling, reducing the time required to efficiently allocate people in the field.

    The heart of Sonar Technologies’ strategies is effective dispatching, scheduling, routing and tracking. These systems enable any business to visually track, plan and manage its resources and operations in real time over a geographic area of any size as well as maximize vehicle, assets and fleet productivity, while delivering with accuracy best quality customer service.

    We also provide the real-time activities still required to complete the jobs to the managers, so they can plan ahead or or check the status of certain jobs.

    Like all service based industries, scanning, real-time track and trace are necessities, not a luxury. To compete in today's service-oriented environment, businesses need to embrace technologies that enhance their standard operating procedures. Sonar has solutions specifically designed that will allow your company to implement automation technologies that are proven to eliminate back office paperwork and increase productivity.

    • Keep all your client information together.
    • See analysis for which jobs are driving revenue.
    • Track and manage all field workers from one screen
    • Easily assign jobs to workers with intuitive drag and drop functionality.

  • Scheduling & Planning

    Manually calculating efficient schedules is a time consuming process, especially when factors can easily change week over week. It can take hours to schedule all the correct calls.

    This is why Sonar Technologies don’t believe in a “Dots on a Map” solution. Our solution will help you manage routes, allocate the correct resources and monitor the workflow in real time, allowing you to easily adapt to small changes.

    Our software not only lets you create runs and routes from scratch, but it also lets you import runs and work schedules from third party software. Our PUD solution is a complete transport workflow, scheduling and dispatch solution designed for transport businesses of any size.

  • Job Dispatch

    With Sonar's Trans-Service, job dispatching is a very simple process. In most cases, it is recommended to use two monitors, one for the text based information and the other one for the map view. The two screens are tightly coupled so a change on one is reflected on the other, thus providing a very flexible way of working.

    There are many available views and further customisation is possible by the user to suit particular circumstances such as adjusting the timeline to reflect the average job duration. Available resources are shown with their standard working hours, thus avoiding inadvertent overtime.

    Unallocated jobs can be sorted a number of ways and the information displayed is configurable, all aimed at providing the right information for the dispatcher/allocator to make the correct decision as to who to give it to.

    Once allocated, jobs can be sent to the Mobile Device either automatically or when required.

    The Jobs are then monitored and colour codes used to indicate the status of the Job. In particular late jobs are highlighted so that action can be taken proactively to warn customers that the technician is delayed.

    The Map screen also has many functions and can be used to allocate Jobs where the rules engine tries to sequence the jobs in a sensible way. It is extremely easy to reorganise the routing on the map. If tracking is included this is also integrated into the map.

  • CRM/ERP Integration

    Sonar's Trans-Service system seamlessly integrates with your Accounting & ERP systems such as MYOB, SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, etc.

    This means you can effectively use existing systems or use our system to eliminate paperwork and manual tracking. You can sync invoices directly into your accounting system and create invoices at the conclusion of jobs. This can ensure fast payment for you to better manage your billing and ultimately your cashflow.

  • Reports

    This a very versatile module aimed at managers who wish to see the big picture or to compile reports from selected data. It provides the ability to configure the fields to be displayed over a date range and then to use the powerful sorting and filtering capabilities to order the data. The screen can then be printed or the data exported in a variety of formats.

    This module can drive a dashboard to give senior managers a snapshot of the day’s business.

Business Verticals

    Trans-Service is such a versatile solution that it is well suited for almost all types of service businesses 'out of the box' and can be considered a true ‘Commercial off the Shelf’ or COTS product. Where additional customisation is required as per business workflow, e.g. extra reporting or changes to the standard mobile user application interface, these are generally quick to develop and deploy, thus providing a very fast implementation. Of greatest importance is that the same core technology is in use and meeting a wide range of customer requirements which leads to a more robust system and one that can move forward to take advantage of new technologies, tools and development aids.

    The range of customer verticals is all compassing and a sample is:

    • Pest & Hygiene
    • Utilities – Power, Gas, Water
    • Mines
    • Facilities Management
    • Arboriculture
    • Air Conditioning
    • Demolition
    • Local Government
    • Transport & Freight
    • Plumbing & Electrical
    • Healthcare
    • Telecommunication
    • Emergency Services
    • And many more!