Trans D - Yard & Dock Management Solution

Trans-D Overview

Trans-D is a complete Yard & Dock Management System developed in Australia. It addresses important operational issues that occur daily in transport sites. With an emphasis on safety, security and regulatory compliance, Trans-D provides a full visibility and control of yard operations in real time.

  • Managing dock trailers
  • Managing prime movers
  • Managing trucks and vans
  • and many more.

Yard and Dock operations

locations illustration


Although the system is highly configurable by a User, Sonar offers additional customisation to provide an exact fit for your business. Modules Include:

  • Yard Manager
  • Scheduler
  • Trailer Overview
  • Job Overview
  • Security
  • Configuration
  • Maintenance
  • Tug Application
  • LPA Application
  • Security Gate Application
  • Safety factors on the road

    Line Hauls play an important role in moving the freight between depots. Tracking the arrival and departure and the freight being carried allows loading and unloading to be scheduled and monitored to ensure timely movement of the freight. Checking the service history, type of trailer and how it is loaded is of paramount importance for the safety of the driver, the vehicle and its contents. Trans-D not only monitors this, but provides tracking of the vehicle to warn of its arrival so that the driver can be told via an arrival monitor where to park.

    Paperwork such as an RCTI can be produced as the source data is in the system.

  • Security

    Trans-D tracks all movements and records seals so that they can be scanned upon arrival, ensuring the load has not been tampered with. The system can include camera feeds to allow visibility of the site. This is a very important module in that it controls who can access the system and who can do what. Normally this module is only available to an Administrator who can set up roles and users. Users can be given permission to access certain modules or to edit only certain fields. In a single sign-on situation we can create a user with no permissions and provide the access to the system, but then the administrator has to activate the permissions and from then on the single sign on with the allowed permissions is in place.

    Dock lights can be monitored and trailers not moved until the green light is given.

  • Optimisation

    The Tug Mobile App directs the driver by the optimum route taking into account the depot traffic rules and scheduling. The aim is to improve the e ciency of movements around the yard.

    The Scheduler provide the means to pre-plan opera ons and to have the system generate the necessary tasks automa cally and assign them as required. For any service business travel costs are always a consideration and route optimisation is a critical requirement. Not only does it reduce fuel and other related costs to a minimum, it also maximises the ‘time-on-the-job’ of each technician resulting in higher productivity and profitability. Using the LPA tablet App dock workers can record how a trailer is loaded so that upon arrival at the other end it can be assigned to the correct dock.

  • Visibility & Scalability

    They say a picture tells a thousand words and with our graphical presenta on of the depot you will have total visibility of your opera on in real me.

    The system is also scalable to allow it to be used in both large and small depots and s ll provide all the bene ts to the smaller opera on and budget. Fuller Reporting gives real time visibility of productivity and profitability