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IT Infrastructure Integration and Support

IT Infrastructure Integration and Support

Whether it is a wired or wireless network, Sonar Technologies can deliver very competitively priced Network and Data Communication solutions. Sonar Technologies also has skills in the latest Industry Standard practice such as the use of VM (Virtual Machine) Ware and coupled with mobile management application, Sonar Technologies will ensure that it delivers quality in its services and offerings.

Sonar has the processes and discipline necessary to ensure your IT systems reliably meet your business needs. Our experienced team and methodical approach produce a high degree of visibility and make your IT spend and the expected outcomes more predictable.

We improve organizations' operations, large and small, through our selected services, delivering security, mobility and productivity.

We pride ourselves on offering unrivalled levels of both expertise and service, at Sonar Solutions. We provide a varied range of solutions for all sizes of company, from the five-user office to the large global enterprise, across all sectors. Our extensive and broad experience allows us to offer our clients a wide range of systems and services which maximizes efficiency, increases productivity and delivers security, while also being cost-effective and adding real business value.

Information and technology in organizations should support the people in pursuing their business goals. Our services are focused on helping our clients achieve that with optimal results. We focus wholly on achieving our client's business objectives by planning and implementing their projects professionally, or by resolving difficult situations.

We have trusted relationships with a large diverse group of manufacturers that we use when appropriate to deliver in our engagements.

It's features include:

  • Wireless Installations and Commissioning
  • Installation of Wave link Software and Commissioning
  • Training of end users
  • On-site support (if required)
  • Easy to use web access for fault logging
  • Hardware IT Support Help Desk
  • RF Wireless Site Survey
  • Application Load and Test
  • Staging of devices at Sonar Technologies