Sonar Technologies - An Enterprise IT and Mobility Company

About Sonar Technologies

Sonar Technologies Australia Pty Ltd, formerly Trans-Data Communications Pty Ltd has been providing enterprise technology solutions to customers in Australia and overseas since 1991.

The Company specializes in providing mobile task and resource management solutions to businesses of any size, targeted at field service, logistics and supply chain, assets management and healthcare in both the Government and Private Sectors. The largest installed base has more than 3,000 users in the field, while the smallest has less than 5.

In 2010, Sonar strengthened its global capabilities by merging BARNS Australia into the family, enabling it to position itself as “A Best Practice Enterprise Wide Technology and Mobility Solution Company”.

Sonar has a strong distribution team with global reach through its Direct Sales and distribution offices and a network of technology partners serving more than 200 sites worldwide.

Team Strength

Software teams in Sydney, India and Ukraine. Resellers in Australia, United States, Singapore, Malaysia, India, New Zealand & Asia Pacific.

Sonar's strength is its large investment in Research and Development and its ability to tailor solutions for a wide range of businesses. Backing each solution is its experienced professional services team partnering with each customer to help them gain a sustainable business advantage.

Company Information

Sonar Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian company based in Sydney, which researches and develops new ways of providing businesses with the means to maximize the benefits of new technology. Our research projects include new ways of allocating and managing mobile resources. Our software is highly innovative and offers a broad range of functionalities.

Sonar has developed applications for:

  • Local and International Freight Companies
  • Limousine Hire Companies
  • Service Industries
  • Utility Suppliers
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Specialized applications e.g. replenishing furnaces in Steel Mills

As such we provide a number of skills covering:

  • Consultancy & Systems Design
  • System Integration and Implementation services for PeopleSoft & Oracle
  • Programming
  • Bar-coding/RFID
  • Wireless Networking
  • and a wide knowledge of both hardware and software

We have partnerships with all the leading suppliers of mobile data, bar-coding and RFID hardware. Our applications are researched and developed by our own programming team so we have total control over the programs and we can provide customization if required.

Our Partners


Sonar Technologies Australia Pty Ltd Technologies is committed to develop, deploy, maintain and continuously improve its Quality management system as per ISO9001:2008 standard.

Sonar Technologies Australia Pty Ltd Technologies strives to maintain an incident-free work environment. Every employee and contractor is accountable for working in a manner consistent with this goal. Employees are expected to organize, define, plan, execute, control and verify the quality of their work in accordance with Customer requirements and the Sonar Technologies Australia Pty Ltd Technologies Management System. Employees are expected to take actions to identify, correct and prevent nonconformity.

Sonar Technologies Australia Pty Ltd Technologies is committed to:
• Complying with applicable legislation, relevant industry standards and contractual quality requirements that are applicable to its product and services;
• Reviewing opportunities to improve quality of its product and services.
• Delivering products and services that meet or exceed customers' expectations.

Sonar Technologies Australia Pty Ltd Technologies Quality Management System provides the framework for setting and reviewing Quality objectives and targets, and communicates the implementation, assessment and improvement of the system.

Sonar Technologies Australia Pty Ltd Technologies will continually measure, analyze, review and improve the effectiveness of its Quality Management System. Sonar Technologies Australia Pty Ltd Technologies will achieve its objectives by continuous training of its employees .The company will work with clients, contractors and suppliers to improve continuously the quality of its products and services.

This policy will be reviewed periodically for its continued relevance to the business of Sonar Technologies Australia Pty Ltd Technologies. This policy is communicated to its employees, contractors and to the public if required by suitable means.

Arun Sharma
Chief Executive Officer